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How to Design the Perfect Alfresco Space for Your New Home

How to Design the Perfect Alfresco Space for Your New Home

The idea of having an outdoor area where you can enjoy your morning coffee or entertain family and friends is a must for your new home build. Alfresco dining and entertainment areas are now becoming a classic part of the Australian lifestyle! With long summers, sun-drenched days, and gorgeous weather, it’s easy to see why alfresco living is becoming more popular.

There is no need to sacrifice comfort, luxury, or style for your alfresco area. Simply follow these simple tips on creating a beautiful outdoor entertaining space that will allow you to enjoy your house more fully and host fabulous parties with family and friends.

Integrate inside as well as outside

An alfresco area or outdoor entertainment area is a great way to extend your living space from the seamless transitions to connect to the rest of the indoor living space. This allows for a more intimate feel and a distinct sense of privacy. It can also provide a place for you to escape from busy family life or entertain friends.

In addition, you can also integrate your alfresco area into an indoor room by using large sliding or bi-fold doors between the two areas. This allows for better connectivity with both spaces, and it provides a lovely view for anyone inside the living space.

Select Scale

It is essential to consider how the eye will move quickly throughout your outdoor space from one object to another. Getting the scale right makes a massive difference to the overall look and feel of your outdoor space. Begin with a good scale plan that considers both structure and dimension when arranging furniture in a setting. This plan will determine your layout, elements’ size, and how you want them to be viewed from a given perspective. Selecting the size of your elements and relating them together is one of the most important decisions you will make during the design process.

Choose wise colours

Choosing the right colour is only part of the equation when you’re designing an outdoor alfresco area. You also need to consider how your choice of colour will work with the existing colours of your house.
You might want to consider using the existing colours of your house in your new outdoor area, especially if there is an alfresco kitchen or living space attached. This will also help you avoid having too many clashing colours together in one place, which may look overbearing and busy.
Use the natural look of wood and contemporary tones like grey and black will also help with keeping the area tidy.

Climate/weather according alfresco

When designing for alfresco dining or any other climate-related design, it is essential to identify the climate zone where your alfresco will be. Knowing what kind of weather patterns typically occur in that area is very helpful in creating the perfect outdoor dining experience.


When we think about the perfect kitchen, the alfresco kitchen pops up in our minds as a great place to spend the summer and cooking up a BBQ lunch.

Consider where you want to place your outdoor kitchen concerning sun exposure, wind conditions, noise levels and security when planning your outdoor kitchen.
If you feel like it might be too hot during the summer months, think about adding an outdoor canopy or shaded area to help keep you cooler during those hot days and nights.
Increase the value of your home with custom-built cabinetry, hardwood countertops, laminate flooring and stainless steel appliances.

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Style the space

Look at five key elements that will help you style your alfresco area successfully.


Make sure there are appropriate lighting options around your outdoor area. Whether it be a wall sconce, large overhead pendant or simply downlights, you will need adequate lighting to avoid any safety hazards and give your alfresco area that extra “wow factor”.


A comfortable place to sit is a must. It could be the main alfresco area, an outdoor lounge or furniture arrangement. Furniture designed for the outdoors and in particular the weather is a good investment.


Enhance your alfresco area with plants that contrast or blend in with the colours around it. A trio of large pots with lots of greenery definitely adds a luxurious touch. Avoid putting plants where they will block guests’ views but make sure they soften the landscape and provide character to the area.


The alfresco area of your home can be an extension of its interior style or a reflection of something completely different. Consider what you want this space to reflect. Will it reflect a relaxed feel with clean lines and minimalistic accents or a more hamptons style? Remember that your outdoor space doesn’t need to look like the inside. The idea is to provide an opportunity to enjoy something different and let you relax in style, reflecting your unique personality.

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