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Duplex Home Building Process in Sydney

Duplex homes have become increasingly popular across Sydney, offering homeowners the opportunity to maximise space and investment potential. However, navigating the building process for a duplex can seem daunting without a clear understanding of the requirements and procedures involved.

Understanding Restrictions on Building a Duplex

Before diving into the building process, it’s crucial to understand the restrictions that govern duplex construction in Sydney and specifically for your block of land. These restrictions may vary depending on factors such as zoning regulations, land size, and local council guidelines. Common restrictions may include setbacks from boundaries, maximum building height, and floor area ratios. Our expert team can evaluate the potential for your block of land.

Planning Your Duplex Project

The first step in building a duplex home is thorough planning. This involves assessing your property’s suitability for duplex construction, considering factors such as site orientation, topography, and access. We have a suite of our standard Duplex home designs which have been created to work with blocks of land in Sydney. These designs can be modified, and we have our very own in-house design team which can design a custom duplex to suit your brief.

During the planning phase, you’ll also need to consider factors such as parking requirements, privacy considerations, and landscaping.

The CDC Process for Duplex Construction

In Sydney, many duplex projects can be approved through the Complying Development Certificate (CDC) process. CDC is a streamlined approval pathway designed to expedite the approval process for straightforward development projects that meet specific criteria.

To qualify for CDC approval, your duplex project must comply with the relevant planning controls and development standards set out in the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) and the local council’s Development Control Plan (DCP). These controls may include requirements related to setbacks, building height, floor space ratio, and environmental sustainability.

The only way to determine suitability for CDC is with the Planning Certificate that you order through the relevant council. Our building and design team can assist you with sourcing this.

The CDC process typically involves submitting a development application to a certifying authority, such as a private certifier or the local council. The application will include detailed plans and documentation demonstrating compliance with the applicable planning controls and building standards.

Once the certifying authority has assessed the application and determined that it meets all requirements, they will issue a Complying Development Certificate, allowing construction to proceed. The CDC process offers a faster and more streamlined alternative to the traditional Development Application (DA) process, reducing approval times and associated costs. Our experience pre-construction team will handle this entire process for you ensuring you are well informed throughout.

Building a duplex home in Sydney can be a rewarding investment opportunity, providing additional living space or rental income potential. By understanding the restrictions, planning considerations, and CDC process involved, you can navigate the building process with confidence and bring your duplex project to life.

At King Homes NSW, we specialise in designing and constructing high-quality duplex homes that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our duplex building services and start planning your dream home.


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