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10 questions to ask before you build your new Pool

10 questions to ask before you build your new Pool

Having a swimming pool in the backyard is part of the Australian dream. A place to cool down in our hot summers or the perfect way for the kids to entertain themselves.

King Homes NSW are proud to offer a full pool construction service alongside our new home builds. If building a swimming pool is on the top of your wish list, here are 10 questions you should ask and consider.

1. How much does it cost to build a pool?

Building a pool alongside your new home build with King Homes NSW will cost from $45,000 for a concrete pool finished with 21sqm of surface area (e.g. 7m x 3m).

You should then allow for the cost of fencing and landscaping which will be in addition to the pool construction cost. 

2. What kind of pool types are available?

King Homes NSW specialise in concrete pools because it allows us to customise the shape of the pool to your block of land and your needs.

3. How do you determine the best place for the pool?

King Homes NSW will review your land and floorplan design. We prefer to place pools near living areas or Alfresco areas. This allows a great flow throughout the home & outdoor areas.

Land orientation is also very important to ensure you get good sunlight. However, on some blocks this may not be achievable depending on house placement. 

We also consult with our clients to understand how they plan to use the pool. If the family has children, we will look to place the pool close to the kitchen or living areas for supervision.

Storage is also a key consideration as the pool pump, heater, and other equipment should have an area of its own. 

4. When do you complete a pool site inspection and what do you look for?

King Homes NSW complete a pool site inspection and we generally evaluate the location of the storm water and sewer. 

5. When do you complete the pool excavation and build?

King Homes NSW completes the pool excavation prior to the slab while there is still good access. This is also the best time to remove the dirt and potentially use the dirt under the house slab or to adjust the land levels for your new home build. 

The pool is then built along side your home build and completed when the home is ready for handover.

6. What do I need to know about Steel Fixing & Pre-Plumbing the pool?

King Homes NSW completes steel fixing at 300mm centres. This works for the majority of land in Sydney and surrounds. 

In regards to pre-plumbing the pool, King Homes NSW runs 2 times suction and 2 times return as well as a hot water low level return. 

7. What kind of finishes for the pool are available?

King Homes NSW offers a modern acrylic render finish or a fully tiled option.

8. When does the pool handover?

King Homes NSW build the pool alongside the new home. So, the pool will be ready for you to use when you move in.

9. What pool maintenance should I know about?

King Homes NSW always recommend you meeting with your local pool shop to get everything you need for your new pool including familiarising yourself with the chemical balances. 

10. How long does the entire pool construction process take?

King Homes NSW build the pool along side the new home. Pools can generally be completed within 4 weeks over the course of the new home build. 

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