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5 Potential Hidden Costs You Should Discuss With Your Builder

5 Potential Hidden Costs You Should Discuss With Your Builder

1. Discuss dirt removal

Building a home is an exciting life stage and often once in a lifetime. So, it’s only normal to feel a little nervous or anxious about committing to a builder to bring your new home to life.

One way to reduce all of these emotions is to ensure to get as much fixed pricing as you can in your contract leaving less room for variables. And a huge variable is dirt removal.

Preparing your site for the build requires dirt to be moved – either taken away, moved around, or added in. Either way, that time, machinery, dirt, removal fees, etc all cost time and money. Before you pay any money towards a builder, make sure to discuss dirt removal and their plan to cut the site. Will the site need filling and what would that cost? Will the site need cutting and what would that cost? This could be a substantial unforeseen cost.

2. What about NatHERS or Basix?

NatHERS is a nationwide house energy scheme that is used to assess the thermal performance of the design you propose for your home with parts of the energy efficiency requirements in the Building Code of Australia.

Depending on your State, you would need to discuss with your builder how the home design proposed complies with NatHERS or Basix. Does it comply? Is there anything additional that the home may need to make it compliant? If so – what is the cost?

3. What does the price actually include?

One of the hardest things to figure out is home pricing. What is actually included? It can be a maze of information!

Simple things like obscure glass to bathroom windows may not always be included with a Builder but it’s one of those things you may not have on the top of your wish list. Does it include floor coverings to your porch and alfresco or will that just be a concrete slab? It says you’re getting a chrome tap for the basin but what kind of chrome tap is this?

Before you commit, obtain a full inclusions list from your builder but go through it with them while looking at the floor plan. And while you’re doing that, ask what is NOT included to add to your list of potential cost variables. Use this information to then do the same comparison with the other Builders you have short-listed.

Using our home cost estimator, you can easily estimate the cost of your new home.

4. How much are those added luxuries costing?

The home which the builder has priced would usually be finished with their standard inclusions. But what about those added luxuries you may be considering? 40mm stone benchtops, matt black tapware, black door handles, wall-hung vanities, floor to ceiling tiles in the bathrooms – just to name a few. Get upfront pricing on the items you’re considering or at least visit their Selections Centre to view the materials & supplies in person.

5. Avoid provisional allowances

It’s very easy for a Builder to add in provisional allowances for big-ticket items. As an example, the builder may put in a $8k allowance for site fees, but it’s always a good idea to get these prices FIXED unless the builder is confident that the price will not exceed the allowance.

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