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What to expect hiring a custom home builder for your custom home

What to expect hiring a custom home builder for your custom home

You’d think that building a custom home would be fun and exciting, you’ve already done most of the work. You know exactly what you want in your new home, it’s just a matter of finding someone to build it for you. And there are lots of builders out there ready to take on your project with excitement! But do they know what they’re in for?

I think it’s very important that you know exactly what to expect hiring a custom home builder. Because if you don’t, the building process may just ruin your dream house before it even gets started!

You need to be prepared and ready with everything you want and need from a custom home builder long before you get started.

What’s important to remember when hiring a custom home builder?

BYO Plans or starts again from scratch?

Often prospective clients meet with us and show us their existing build plans which often they have spent tens of thousands of dollars on. And it is disappointing to find that these plans were not drawn to be reflective of today’s construction cost and market. Although we do build from BYO plans, we also prefer to start the design process from scratch with our clients. We have an in-house drafting team that works together with our Sales team to create a home that ticks all the boxes and yet is realistic to your budget. This is a big consideration to make before spending money on having plans drawn up. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Questions are a good thing! If your custom home builder isn’t able or willing to answer your questions, then search for other Builders. Even if they can answer at least most of your questions, this doesn’t mean they are necessarily right for the job. But at least you know they will remain open and honest with you throughout the entire process to help you make decisions that are in your best interest.

Don’t let price be the deciding factor

You may think that if a custom home builder is offering their services for a lower price, they must be doing something wrong and are not as qualified as someone charging more. But in all likelihood, this is just a marketing technique to get you to bite on the price before you’ve done your research.

It’s important to remember that working with an experienced custom home builder isn’t going to come without a cost. If you’re willing to settle for an average builder, you’ll end up settling for average trades & materials which no doubt you’ll be wanting to replace parts of your home in the short term. It’s important to decide on the value you’re getting not the bottom line dollar figure.

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Find a custom home builder who is passionate about what they do

We truly enjoy working with our clients from design to handover. This is very important! We take pride in our work and will work diligently to give you exactly what you want and have been dreaming of.

Gather as much information as possible

The more you know about the building process, the better position you’re in to make important decisions that will affect your home. With all of the steps involved in detailed planning and construction, it’s best to educate yourself so you have a good understanding of what is happening from start to finish. This is particularly important if you’re considering a knock-down re-build as it’s very important to understand the regulations of your Local Government Area.

Enjoy the process!

Even though it will be an undertaking to construct a custom home, try to have fun with it! It’s not every day that people get to build their dream house. So enjoy the process!

If you are looking for a leading custom home builder in Sydney please visit our website or reach out to our team to discuss your new home build ideas.

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