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How to choose the right house plan for you and your family

How to choose the right house plan for you and your family

Look at the style of house that you are drawn to. Is it traditional, hamptons style, or perhaps modern? Once you have an overall idea for the type of home you want, think about how much space is available on your block and any particular guidelines within your housing estate.

Always think about how much space you need for yourself and your family. Do you want an open-plan house or one with more defined living areas? Can the kids still have their bedrooms if they are all older, or do you feel they would prefer to share a room?

Selecting a house plan is an exciting but challenging task. Quite often, families make the mistake of rushing into this process and then discover that they have chosen a floor plan that doesn’t meet their needs or desires. So how do you avoid this common pitfall? With careful planning and guidance, you can choose a house plan that suits your needs and budget.

1) Set Your Budget:

The first step in the house plan purchasing process is establishing a budget. Before you begin your search, take a while to calculate just how much you can pay to spend on your brand-new home. This may require talking with a lender to gain a pre-approval on a certain amount. Take into account all of the expenses associated with house ownership, everything from mortgage payments and property taxes to maintenance fees and landscaping costs. Your budget will help ensure that your search does not become too narrow; otherwise, you could end up overlooking several floor plans that would suit your needs perfectly.

2) Define Your Needs and Desires:

After establishing a budget, the next step is to choose the floor plan that meets your specific wants and needs. Start by making a list of priorities in order of importance. You may want to include several bedrooms, garage size or even easy access to public transportation. When you are finished, compare this list with the various house plans that meet your budget requirements.

With King Homes NSW, you have the flexibility of choosing an existing standard floor plan or working with us to design a home that is completely custom. Remember, it is important for you and your family members to be happy with the house design, so don’t settle for less than what you need or desire.

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3) Research Your Options:

After you have completed your list of must-haves, do some research to find out more about the various house plans that meet your requirements. Begin by researching online floor plan websites and magazines. Investigate each style of house and select a few favourite features from each one. Then narrow down your options to just two or three plans that seem ideal for you. Now it is time to move on to the final part of the house-plan purchasing process: meeting with a potential builder.

4) Discuss Your Choices With a Professional:

At this point, it’s time to schedule a meeting with a professional builder. This meeting can be done over the phone or in person or at a display home. The builder will discuss your needs, provide more information about specific floor plans and walk you through design options that may be optimal for your situation. Once you find a Builder you’d like to work with, you can kick off the design process.

5) Review Your Options and Select a Floor Plan:

After you have consulted with a builder, your house-plan search process is almost complete. Now it is time to review the various designs and choose one that best suits your needs and budget. Once you’ve made a choice, you then enter into a Tender stage.

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